About Task Lists and Tasks

Administrators can set up task lists that instruct you in performing specific actions, to help with budget cycles. For example, a task might help you complete forms, launch business rules, or promote planning units. Tasks may display instructions, due dates, dependencies, and alerts. Tasks can be of the following type, meaning they invoke or involve the following artifacts or processes:

  • Web page—Opens a URL that you must use to perform or complete a task

  • Form—Opens a form that you must complete or update

  • Approvals—Starts the review process with a scenario and version

  • Business rules—Launches a business rule

  • Copy Version—Copies a form’s data, including supporting detail, annotation, cell text, and cell documents, from a source to a destination version

  • Job Console—Launches the Job Console so you can view jobs by user or by type or status

Task lists can also provide validation reports for promotional path rules. For information on viewing validation reports and resolving errors, see Viewing and Resolving Data Validation Errors.

For information about creating task lists and tasks, see Oracle Hyperion Planning Administrator's Guide.