Setting Preferences for User Variables

Administrators can set up user variables, which help you navigate large forms. User variables filter the members displayed on forms, letting you focus on those members you are interested in, such as your own department's expenses. For example, your administrator can create a form with entities on the rows and a user variable called Department. You can limit the number of rows displayed on the form by selecting a member for the Department user variable, such as Sales. Later, you can select another value for Department, such as Marketing. You can set variables in preferences or directly in forms. See Dynamically Setting User Variables.

  To set preferences for user variables:

  1. Select Preferences in the left frame, or select File, and then Preferences.

  2. Click the Planning icon, and then select User Variable Options.

    If a user variable is set, an entry displays in Selected Member.

  3. To select members, click Select Members icon.

  4. Select members from the left.

    If you cannot access an entity, the check box does not display.

  5. In Member Selection, select a member.

  6. Click OK.

  7. In User Variable Options, click OK.