Copying Versions

Use the Copy Version page to copy data from one bottom-up or target version of a selected scenario to another bottom-up or target version within the same scenario. For example, you can create a Best Case version, and copy some or all the data in that version to a Worst Case version to quickly create a starting point for the new version. If the administrator has set up a Copy Version task, the task runs Copy Version on the current form.

You can copy between bottom-up and target versions. Consider:

  • When you copy to a bottom-up version, only the selected level-0 members are copied.

  • When you copy to a target version, all selected members are copied.

  • To protect data in approved planning units, copying a version does not copy to approved planning units.


    To copy data successfully, when specifying the copy data criteria, you must select at least one member for the Scenario, Account, Entity, Period, and Version dimensions.

  To copy a version:

  1. Perform a task:

    • In a form, select Tools, and then Copy Version.

    • If your administrator has set up a Copy Version task, select the task.

  2. In the Scenario list, select the scenario to copy.

  3. In the Copy From list, select the version from which to copy data.

  4. In the Copy To list, select the version to which to copy data.

  5. Click go.

  6. In Available Entities, select the entities to which to copy data.

    Available Entities displays the entities (planning units) to which you have write access and that belong to you. You can copy entities with a Process Status of Not Started or First Pass.

  7. Use the buttons to add one or multiple entities to Selected Entities.

  8. Optional: To copy annotations that are associated with accounts, select Copy Account Annotations.

    Only annotations for selected entities are copied. If you are copying to a bottom-up version, only level-0 entities (and their annotations) are copied.

  9. Optional: To copy associated comments, select Copy Comments.

  10. Optional: To copy associated documents, select Copy Documents.

  11. Optional: To copy associated supporting detail, select Copy Supporting Details.

  12. Click Copy Data.


    Wait for the Copy Version completion message before loading another web page.