Working Offline with Forms

If you are unfamiliar with Planning, see the Oracle Hyperion Planning User's Guide, available in the EPM Documentation Library. To open this library, from the Smart View ribbon, select the arrow next to Help, and then EPM Documentation.

  To work with forms offline:

  1. In Excel, from the Smart View ribbon, select Panel.

  2. From the Smart View Panel, select the offline connection.

    Online connections specify Planning in the Provider column; offline connections specify Offline Planning.

  3. Right-click and select Connect.

  4. Right-click and select Open Form.


    If you have a form open while you are directly connected to the Planning server, and then take the form offline in the same session, you must reopen the form from the offline connection to work with it offline.

  5. In the offline form, add or change data.

  6. From the Planning menu, select Submit Data.

    The changed data is saved locally. You can exit Excel without losing the changed data.

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