Supported Time Zones in Organization Units

The following section lists the supported time zones and the import file format.

The Excel sheet lists the complete list of time zones that are supported by the application, their code and their offsets. The last column gives the import file format. Specify the time zone column in this exact format. Any other format or any other string in the time zone column of the CSV file will be rejected.


The empty columns in the Excel worksheet represent more than one time zone which is represented by same code and offset.


Time ZoneCodeOffsetInternal CodeHow they should be listed in the import file 
Phoenix - Mountain Time MT(UTC-07:00)America/PhoenixMT (UTC-07:00) 
Mountain Time, Canada   America/Edmonton  
Chihuahua - Mexico Time 2   America/Chihuahua  
Mexico Time 2   America/Mazatlan  
Denver - Mountain Time   America/Denver  

All the above time zones are represented using MT (UTC-07:00). During import there is no way to distinguish them. In such cases, the system will assume the time zone of the first time zone available (which is the row where the code and offset are specified.) User can always change the time zone from the setup dialog after import.

Table 3. Supported Times Zones in the Organization for Import Files

TimeZoneCodeOffsetInternal CodeHow they should be mentioned in the import file
Midway - Samoa TimeST(UTC-11:00)Pacific/MidwayST (UTC-11:00)
Pago Pago - Samoa Time  Pacific/Pago Pago 
Honolulu - Hawaii TimeHT(UTC-10:00)Pacific/HonoluluHT (UTC-10:00)
Alaska TimeAKT(UTC-09:00)America/AnchorageAKT (UTC-09:00)
Vancouver - Pacific Time (Canada)  America/Vancouver 
Tijuana - Pacific Time  America/Tijuana 
Los Angeles - Pacific TimePT(UTC-08:00)America/Los AngelesPT (UTC-08:00)
Phoenix - Mountain TimeMT(UTC-07:00)America/PhoenixMT (UTC-07:00)
Mountain Time, Canada  America/Edmonton 
Chihuahua - Mexico Time 2  America/Chihuahua 
Mexico Time 2  America/Mazatlan 
Denver - Mountain Time  America/Denver 
Chicago - Central TimeCT(UTC-06:00)America/ChicagoCT (UTC-06:00)
Central Time (Canada)  America/Winnipeg 
Costa Rica - Central America Time  America/Costa Rica 
El Salvador - Central America Time  America/El Salvador 
Guatemala - Central America Time  America/Guatemala 
Managua - Central America Time  America/Managua 
Regina - Central Time  America/Regina 
Mexico City - Mexico TimeMT(UTC-06:00)America/Mexico CityMT (UTC-06:00)
Bogota - Colombia TimeCOT(UTC-05:00)America/BogotaCOT (UTC-05:00)
Guayaquil - Ecuador TimeECT(UTC-05:00)America/GuayaquilECT (UTC-05:00)
Lima - Peru TimePET(UTC-05:00)America/LimaPET (UTC-05:00)
New York - Eastern TimeET(UTC-05:00)America/New YorkET (UTC-05:00)
Montreal - Eastern Time (Canada)  America/Montreal 
Indianapolis - Eastern Time  America/Indianapolis 
Panama - Eastern Time  America/Panama 
Caracas - Venezuela TimeVET(UTC-04:30)America/CaracasVET (UTC-04:30)
Puerto Rico - Atlantic TimeAT(UTC-04:00)America/Puerto RicoAT (UTC-04:00)
Canada Atlantic Time  America/Halifax 
Santiago - Chile TimeCLT(UTC-04:00)America/SantiagoCLT (UTC-04:00)
Buenos AiresART(UTC-03:00)America/Buenos AiresART (UTC-03:00)
Godthab - Western Greenland TimeWGT(UTC-03:00)America/GodthabWGT (UTC-03:00)
Sao Paulo - Brasilia TimeBRT(UTC-03:00)America/Sao PauloBRT (UTC-03:00)
St Johns - Newfoundland TimeNT(UTC-03:30)America/St JohnsNT (UTC-03:30)
Noronha - Fernando de Noronha TimeFNT(UTC-02:00)America/NoronhaFNT (UTC-02:00)
Azores - Azores TimeAZOT(UTC-01:00)Atlantic/AzoresAZOT (UTC-01:00)
Cape Verde - Cape Verde TimeCVT(UTC-01:00) Atlantic/Cape VerdeCVT (UTC-01:00)
Casablanca - Western European TimeWET(UTC+00:00)Africa/CasablancaWET (UTC+00:00)
Dublin - Greenwich Mean TimeGMT(UTC+00:00)Europe/DublinGMT (UTC+00:00)
Lisbon - Western European TimeWET(UTC+00:00)Europe/LisbonWET (UTC+00:00)
London - Greenwich Mean TimeGMT(UTC+00:00)Europe/LondonGMT (UTC+00:00)
Nouakchott - Greenwich Mean Time  Africa/Nouakchott 
Reykjavik - Greenwich Mean Time  Atlantic/Reykjavik 
Coordinated Universal TimeUTC(UTC+00:00)Etc/UTCUTC (UTC+00:00)
Lagos - Western African TimeWAT(UTC+01:00)Africa/LagosWAT (UTC+01:00)
Brussels - Central European TimeCET(UTC+01:00)Europe/BrusselsCET (UTC+01:00)
Algiers - Central European Time  Africa/Algiers
Amsterdam - Central European Time  Europe/Amsterdam 
Belgrade - Central European Time  Europe/Belgrade 
Berlin - Central European Time   Europe/Berlin 
Budapest - Central European Time  Europe/Budapest 
Copenhagen - Central European Time  Europe/Copenhagen 
Luxembourg - Central European Time  Europe/Luxembourg 
Madrid - Central European Time  Europe/Madrid 
Oslo - Central European Time  Europe/Oslo 
Paris - Central European Time  Europe/Paris 
Prague - Central European Time  Europe/Prague 
Rome - Central European Time  Europe/Rome 
Stockholm - Central European Time  Europe/Stockholm 
Tirane - Central European Time  Europe/Tirane 
Tunis - Central European Time  Africa/Tunis 
Vienna - Central European Time  Europe/Vienna 
Warsaw - Central European Time  Europe/Warsaw 
Zurich - Central European Time  Europe/Zurich 
Cairo - Egypt TimeET(UTC+02:00)Africa/CairoET (UTC+02:00)
Harare - Central African TimeCAT(UTC+02:00)Africa/HarareCAT (UTC+02:00)
Jerusalem - Israel TimeIT(UTC+02:00)Asia/JerusalemIT (UTC+02:00)
Johannesburg - South Africa TimeSAT(UTC+02:00)Africa/JohannesburgSAT (UTC+02:00)
Athens - Eastern European TimeEET(UTC+02:00)Europe/AthensEET (UTC+02:00)
Amman - Eastern European Time  Asia/Amman 
Beirut - Eastern European Time  Asia/Beirut 
Bucharest - Eastern European Time  Europe/Bucharest 
Damascus - Eastern European Time  Asia/Damascus 
Helsinki - Eastern European Time  Europe/Helsinki 
Istanbul - Eastern European Time  Europe/Istanbul 
Kiev - Eastern European Time  Europe/Kiev 
Nicosia - Eastern European Time  Asia/Nicosia 
Riga - Eastern European Time  Europe/Riga 
Sofia - Eastern European Time  Europe/Sofia 
Tallinn - Eastern European Time  Europe/Tallinn 
Tripoli - Eastern European Time  Africa/Tripoli 
Vilnius - Eastern European Time  Europe/Vilnius 
Qatar - Arabia TimeAT(UTC+03:00)Asia/QatarAT (UTC+03:00)
Aden - Arabia Time  Asia/Aden 
Baghdad - Arabia Time  Asia/Baghdad 
Bahrain - Arabia Time  Asia/Bahrain 
Kuwait - Arabia Time  Asia/Kuwait 
Riyadh - Arabia Time  Asia/Riyadh 
Moscow - Moscow TimeMSK(UTC+03:00)Europe/MoscowMSK (UTC+03:00)
Nairobi - Eastern African TimeEAT(UTC+03:00)Africa/NairobiEAT (UTC+03:00)
Djibouti - Eastern African Time  Africa/Djibouti 
Khartoum - Eastern African Time  Africa/Khartoum 
Mogadishu - Eastern African Time  Africa/Mogadishu 
Tehran - Iran TimeIRT(UTC+03:30)Asia/TehranIRT (UTC+03:30)
Baku - Azerbaijan TimeAZT(UTC+04:00)Asia/BakuAZT (UTC+04:00)
Dubai - Gulf TimeGT(UTC+04:00)Asia/DubaiGT (UTC+04:00)
Muscat - Gulf Time  Asia/Muscat 
Kabul - Afghanistan TimeAFT(UTC+04:30)Asia/KabulAFT (UTC+04:30)
Karachi - Pakistan TimePKT(UTC+05:00)Asia/KarachiPKT (UTC+05:00)
Tashkent - Uzbekistan TimeUZT(UTC+05:00)Asia/TashkentUZT (UTC+05:00)
Yekaterinburg - Yekaterinburg TimeYEKT(UTC+05:00)Asia/YekaterinburgYEKT (UTC+05:00)
Calcutta - India TimeIT(UTC+05:30)Asia/CalcuttaIT (UTC+05:30)
Kathmandu - Nepal TimeNPT(UTC+05:45) Asia/KathmanduNPT (UTC+05:45)
Almaty - Alma-Ata TimeALMT(UTC+06:00)Asia/AlmatyALMT (UTC+06:00)
Colombo - Sri Lanka TimeLKT(UTC+05:30)Asia/ColomboLKT (UTC+05:30)
Dhaka - Bangladesh TimeBDT(UTC+06:00)Asia/DhakaBDT (UTC+06:00)
Novosibirsk - Novosibirsk TimeNOVT(UTC+06:00)Asia/NovosibirskNOVT (UTC+06:00)
Rangoon - Myanmar TimeMMT(UTC+06:30)Asia/RangoonMMT (UTC+06:30)
Bangkok - Indochina TimeICT(UTC+07:00)Asia/BangkokICT (UTC+07:00)
Saigon - Indochina Time  Asia/Saigon 
Jakarta - West Indonesia TimeWIT(UTC+07:00)Asia/JakartaWIT (UTC+07:00)
Krasnoyarsk - Krasnoyarsk TimeKRAT(UTC+07:00)Asia/KrasnoyarskKRAT (UTC+07:00)
Shanghai - China TimeCT(UTC+08:00)Asia/ShanghaiCT (UTC+08:00)
Taipei - China Time  Asia/Taipei 
Hong Kong - Hong Kong TimeHKT(UTC+08:00)Asia/Hong KongHKT (UTC+08:00)
Irkutsk - Irkutsk TimeIRKT(UTC+08:00)Asia/IrkutskIRKT (UTC+08:00)
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia TimeMYT(UTC+08:00)Asia/Kuala LumpurMYT (UTC+08:00)
Manila - Philippines TimePHT(UTC+08:00)Asia/ManilaPHT (UTC+08:00)
Perth - Western Time (Australia)WT(UTC+08:00)Australia/PerthWT (UTC+08:00)
Singapore - Singapore TimeSGT(UTC+08:00)Asia/SingaporeSGT (UTC+08:00)
Seoul - Korea TimeKT(UTC+09:00)Asia/SeoulKT (UTC+09:00)
Tokyo - Japan TimeJT(UTC+09:00)Asia/TokyoJT (UTC+09:00)
Yakutsk - Yakutsk TimeYAKT(UTC+09:00)Asia/YakutskYAKT (UTC+09:00)
Adelaide - Central Time (SouthAustralia)CT(UTC+09:30)Australia/AdelaideCT (UTC+09:30)
Darwin - Central Time (Northern Territory)  Australia/Darwin 
Brisbane - Eastern Time (Queensland)ET(UTC+10:00)Australia/BrisbaneET (UTC+10:00)
Guam - Chamorro Time ChT(UTC+10:00)Pacific/GuamChT (UTC+10:00)
Sydney - Eastern Time (New South Wales)ET(UTC+10:00)Australia/SydneyET (UTC+10:00)
Hobart - Eastern Time (Tasmania)  Australia/Hobart 
Vladivostok - Vladivostok TimeVLAT(UTC+10:00)Asia/VladivostokVLAT (UTC+10:00)
Magadan - Magadan TimeMAGT(UTC+11:00)Asia/MagadanMAGT (UTC+11:00)
Auckland - New Zealand TimeNZT(UTC+12:00)Pacific/AucklandNZT (UTC+12:00)
Dateline Standard TimeUTC(UTC+12:00)Etc/GMT-12UTC (UTC+12:00)
Fiji - Fiji TimeFJT(UTC+12:00)Pacific/FijiFJT (UTC+12:00)
Kamchatka - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski TimePETT(UTC+12:00)Asia/KamchatkaPETT (UTC+12:00)
Tongatapu - Tonga TimeTOT(UTC+13:00)Pacific/TongatapuTOT (UTC+13:00)