Scenario 3: Approver

A user assigned as an Approver reviews a current task to determine whether it can be approved.

  • The assigned Approver receives an email notification of an outstanding task––Review MD&A Input for Services submission.

  • From the email, the reviewer selects the link for Review MD&A Input for Services Submission.

  • The Task Actions page is launched outlining the process.

  • The reviewer reviews the document that the user submitted when completing the task to ensure completeness.

  • The reviewer enters additional comments and approves the submission.

  • If another level of approval is required, the task is forwarded to the next approver. If the task was the last requiring approval, then the task completes, and the system runs the next task if it is ready.

  • The reviewer can reject a task instead of approving it, and the task is reassigned to the Assignee.