Defining Integration Types

When you create Integration Types, select a task type:

  • End-User—Users must perform and validate. The task might be a generic task such as submitting data, or it might require product integration to facilitate or validate its completion.

  • System-Automated—Automatically executed in external applications when their start date and time are reached, and their predecessor tasks are completed, for example, an overnight feed from a General Ledger. System-Automated tasks are often executed after working hours. They require limited user interaction and do not have Assignees.

  • Event Monitoring Integration—Based on events that occur in external applications; for example, Journal Approve.

When you create a task, the type that you choose affects the runtime behavior of the task:

  • End-User—When you click the Go to Task icon, the system uses the execution URL and parameters.

  • System-Automated, the task runs according to the task parameters that you define.

  • Event Monitoring—The task waits for an event with a matching parameter value and then closes.