Calendar View

Calendar views display all schedule or template tasks in traditional calendar format by Month, Week, or Day.

The Month view displays the days in standard calendar format. Tasks occurring on a day are displayed as a colored bar in the day, and span the days of the task. If the task spans a week, a small arrow icon is displayed on the task bar to indicate that the task continues to the next week.

The Week view displays the tasks of the specified week. The top section displays tasks that span multiple days. The second section displays tasks that are contained within one day. The tasks are displayed vertically, spanning the hours of the day.

The Day view is focused on one 24-hour day.

Parent tasks are not displayed in Calendar views.

For Templates, each of the calendar views displays the dates of the month relative to the zero day that the template has set for the close process. For example, instead of displaying March 26 or 27, the calendar view displays -5 and -4, denoting 5 and 4 days until the zero day.


Within the Gantt Chart and Calendar views, viewing a schedule or template with a very large number of tasks may cause the view to cycle a very long time. It is recommended to filter the view down to a smaller number of tasks when reviewing the schedule or template in these views.