Available View Actions

In the Calendar, Gantt, and Task List views, you can perform these actions:

  • Hover over a task—Causes hovertext to display, showing the task name. For the Gantt view, this is available when hovering over the chart task bar and includes the task name.

  • Left-click a task—Causes the task to highlight. The Task Panel at the bottom of the screen then updates to display the task’s information.

  • Double-left-click a task—If the task is in a template or in an unopened schedule, the Task Details dialog box displays, where you can view and edit the task details. Otherwise, the Task Action dialog box displays.

  • Right-click a task—Pops up a context-sensitive menu that enables you to perform certain actions. The menu contents vary depending on the task status and security role.

  • Change View—You can click on the Quick Links list of views.

  • Drag/Drop a Task Type onto the view—Drag a Task Type from the left side panel onto the view to create a new task of that type.

  • New Task—Create a new task using the menu or toolbar.

You can perform these actions in the Gantt and Calendar views:

  • Move a Task—You can click and drag a task to move it to a different day or hour.

  • Change Duration—You can click and drag the right-side of a task to change its duration and end date.

  • Multiple Select—On the Gantt view, you can multi-select tasks and perform actions; for example, delete.

In the Dashboard, for My Worklist, Schedule Tasks, and Status Chart, you can select one, all, or any number of schedules by multi-selecting.