Defining Filters

  To filter tasks using one attribute:

  1. On the Filter panel, click Manage Filters Manage Filters button.

  2. From the Filter Tasks task list, click on an individual task or attribute from a task category.

    For example, under Status, you can click Pending.

  3. The view changes to display only filtered tasks.

  To filter tasks using multiple attributes:

  1. From the task list on the left pane, choose a method:

    • Click the category criteria by which to filter, for example, Task Type.

    • Click Select Values, Select Values button, next to the category.

  2. From the Select Filter Items dialog box:

    • Select All to filter by all items.

    • Select items by which to filter.


    Some items might be unavailable based on other filter settings.

  3. Click OK to refresh the list with the filtered criteria.


    To remove filter criteria, click the Reset button for attributes to which you apply a filter. To remove all filter criteria, click Reset Filter, Reset Filter button and all tasks are displayed.