Viewing Task Summary Information

When you select a task in the Calendar, Gantt, and Task List views, you can view summary information from the Task Panel at the bottom of the view pane. Properties, Workflow, and Predecessors are displayed for the selected task.

The Properties pane displays the task name, status, start and end dates, and Owner.

The Workflow pane displays the Assignee and Approvers for the task.

The Predecessors pane displays Parent Tasks and Child Tasks. The predecessors are displayed in a hierarchy. You can click on a predecessor task to update the panel with the predecessor task information.

  To view summary information, from a Calendar, Gantt, or Task List view, select a task.

  • To expand and collapse the panes, click on the black triangles on either side of the pane bars.

  • To resize the panes, hover over the pane, click to grasp a side, and then drag it.