Setting Task Type Properties

The Properties tab enables you to set the name, ID, and description, and associate an Integration Type. If you select a System-Automated Integration Type, you can specify a user known as the Run As ID under which tasks of this type are run, unless overridden.

For End User Types, you can allow an Assignee to open a pending task prior to the scheduled time, if all task predecessor conditions have been met.

  To set Task Type properties:

  1. Create a new Task Type. See Creating Task Types.

    The Properties tab is displayed by default.

  2. Enter a name for the Task Type.

  3. Enter a Task Type ID that can be used to identify the Task Type.

  4. Enter a Task Type description.

  5. To specify an Integration Type, click Browse to search for and select an Integration Type, then click OK. Selecting an Integration Type enables the Task Type to inherit the parameters from that Integration Type.

  6. If you selected a System-Automated Integration Type, the Run As box displays. Click the Select Run As Account icon, search for and select a user under which tasks of this type are run, and click OK.

  7. Optional: For an End-User Type, select Allow Early Start to allow the Assignee to open the task before the scheduled start time.