Importing Task Types

You can import Task Types or partial Task Type information from text files. The process is similar to importing tasks into a template.

You can select the Replace option to completely replace the definition of a Task Type with the definition in the import file. This option replaces all Task Type detail with the information that is in the file that you are importing. It does not affect Task Types that are not specified in the import file.

You can select the Update option to update partial information for Task Types. This option is not a full replacement of the Task Type details. Only details for the Task Type properties specified in the file are updated.

For details on the file format, see Task Import File Format.

To import Task Types, you must have the Close Administrator or Close Power User security role.

  To import Task Types:

  1. From Manage Task Types, click Import.

  2. Enter the name of the file to import, or click Browse to find the file.

  3. Select an import option:

    • Replace

    • Update

    The system displays a warning that task types matching a task type ID in the import file will be modified. If you do not want to overwrite the task type, click Cancel.

  4. Click Import.