Setting Template Properties

The Properties tab enables you to specify the template name, description, owner, and time span.

You must assign a template owner to every template, which must be a Close Administrator or Power User. The current ID is the default owner. The template owner is also the default owner of all tasks in the template unless overridden at the task level.

Tasks in a template are organized by numeric template days. Each template has a Day Zero, which is usually the day the company closes its books. You can specify the number of days a template tracks before and after the Zero day. Days before Day Zero are represented as Day-5, Day-4, and so on. Days after Day Zero are represented as Day 3, Day 4, and so on. A template has at least one day (Day Zero), even if you do not specify days before or after it.

  To set template properties:

  1. On the Properties tab, enter:

    • Name

    • Description

    • Organizational Unit

  2. Enter the time span for the template.

    • For Number of Days Before Day 0, select a number.

    • For Number of Days After Day 0, select a number.

  3. For Owner, use the default owner or click Select Owner Select User button . Administrators, Power Users, or Teams/Groups configured with the Administrator or Power User roles are the only roles that will display when the user clicks Search to select a user to assign as an Owner. Any member of the Shared Services group can perform the role, but the same person cannot perform more than one role.