Working with the Task Dialog Box

  To view the Task dialog box:

  1. In Tax Operations, on the Task List, double-click a task.

  2. The Properties tab lists the following fields:

    • Task ID

    • Status

    • Schedule Name

    • Start and End Dates

    • Duration

    • Priority

    • Organizational Unit

    • Owner and Assignee

    • Task Type

    • Actual Start and End dates

    • Actual Duration

    • Parameters

      Lists the Cluster, Application, Journal Name, and Journal Action Type.

    • Comments

    • Workflow

    • The Alerts and Related Tasks tabs display the current alerts and related tasks.

    • The History tab captures an audit trail of changes to the task.

  3. To approve or reject a task, click Approve or Reject.

  4. To create or delete a comment, click Actions and then Create Comment or Delete Comment.

  5. To abort, click Actions and then Abort. The purpose of aborting a task (instead of performing a forced close) is to prevent successors from continuing and to keep the process moving. See Aborting Tasks

  6. Click Close.