Authorizing System-Automated Tasks

When you create tasks or Task Types for System-Automated tasks, for security purposes, you specify a user account under which the task is run. To preserve security, you may require authorization to perform the task if any of these conditions occurs:

  • If you add a System-Automated task with an alternate runtime user known as the RunAs ID to a schedule, from a template or by manually adding the task

  • When you set a schedule to Open status, the system automatically issues a request for authorization if it has not been completed.

  • If the parameters of a task are modified by a user other than the Assignee (or task owner if the owner is also the Assignee), the authorization is reset to unauthorized and must be obtained by entering a password. For System-Automated tasks, if a user other than the specified or default Run As user modifies the parameters, the task is reset to unauthorized.

Authorization ensures that the user performing the System-Automated task has security privileges for the application and data for which the task runs. An administrator who knows the credentials of the runtime user can perform the authorization or issue a request to the user to obtain authorization.

When the System-Automated task is scheduled to run, if authorization is not provided, the task is not run, and its status changes to Needs Attention. If an owner or Assignee edits the task, the task details indicate that authorization is required. In this case, only the RunAs ID can authorize the task.

A user who receives a request for authorization can access the Authorization dialog box from a link in the email or by logging on to the application.

  To authorize a task:

  1. Select Manage then Schedules.

  2. Select a schedule.

  3. Select Actions, and then Authorize Tasks, or select the Authorize Tasks icon.

    The system displays a Users selection list and a table of unauthorized tasks for the selected schedule. The user selection list is populated with users that have pending System-Automated tasks assigned to them that require authorization.

  4. From the user selection list, select a user.

    The system displays a list of unauthorized tasks for that user. Your user name displays first on the list in bold by default. If you have no unauthorized tasks, the list is blank.

  5. Select a task that needs authorization.

  6. To view task details, click a task name and review the task parameters.


    To contact the task owner by email, click the Owner name next to the task and view the user details.

  7. If you select a user other than yourself, the system prompts you for the user password.

    1. If you know the user password, enter it. The list of unauthorized tasks is displayed. Select tasks and click Authorize to authorize them, which removes them from the list.

    2. If you do not know the user password and must request authorization from the user, click Send Authorization Request, which sends an email to that user.