Assigning Access Rights in Tax Supplemental Schedules

The functions a user is authorized to perform are determined by the roles authorized for the user.

For each form, a specific user is assigned as either the Preparer or the Approver for the form. If posting to Financial Management is required, then a specific user is assigned as the Integrator for the form.

  • Preparer—Write access to the form data

  • Approver—Read access to the form data

  • Integrator—Read access to the form data

  • Viewer—Assigned to the form and has read access

In each form, an entity further manages data access. When Preparers, Approvers, Integrators, or Viewers are assigned to the form, they are also assigned access to a specific Entity’s data.


The viewer option is for both data and status of the form. However, for each entity assigned in the workflow of the form, the viewer can view data:

  • Always

  • After submission

  • After approval