Adding Teams and Members

  To add teams and members:

  1. In Tax Operations, click Manage, and then Teams.

  2. Click Actions, and then New.

  3. For each team, enter:

    • Name

    • Description

    • Roles

      Select the appropriate module tab and then select one or more roles for the team: Administrator, Power User, User.

    • Members


      Search results will not include other team IDs or group IDs.

      Teams do not grant roles to member IDs, rather the member IDs must already be provisioned with the necessary roles.

      To add members:

      1. Under Members, click Actions, and then Add.

      2. Enter the partial or full First Name, Last Name, or click Search to select the names.

      3. In the Search Results section, click Add, or Add All to add the selections to the Selected list.

      4. Click OK.

  4. On the Team dialog box, select Primary User to have the tasks default to a Claimed status with that user.


    Other team members can then claim the task.

  5. Click OK.