Changing a User's Preferences

A user can change preferences as follows.

  To change a user's preferences:

  1. In your application, click Manage, and then User Profile.

  2. On User Details:

    • For Status, select Available or Unavailable.

      If the user is the primary user and unavailable, the task reverts to the backup user, if one is assigned, and if that backup user has a status of Available.

    • Select the Timezone.

      The Timezone setting is used to convert the task's scheduled Start and End Dates into the timezone of the user, thus producing the Start Date (Local) and End Date (Local) attributes.

    • For email notifications, enter the Email Start Time and Email End Time.

    • The Teams tab displays the user teams.

    • On the Notifications tab, for each type of notification, expand each notification preferences and choose when to be notified:

      For example: for Status Change Notification, expand to Tax Operations, then expand and choose “You are alert approver and alert status changes to open with approver”. Select Immediately as a choice of notification.


      You can override a setting at a lower level (for example, configure Notification Type to Every 2 hours, and override one of the Conditions to Immediately). Then the parent setting(s) displays the word Mixed, to provide a visual indication that more than one preference setting has been assigned to child level settings. You can change the value from Mixed to a different preference setting; the child level settings are changed to the new setting.

      If an Administrator disables the System Settings Configuration Settings for Email Notifications, then notifications are suspended. See Enabling Email Notifications.

  3. Click OK.