Defining Periods


The defining periods feature is available only to administrators.

The Period dimension is a hierarchical dimension that designates the time period to which the close activities apply, for example a month or quarter. You typically define a period with months rolling up to quarters within years. For example, you can define a quarterly period of Q1 with the child members of January, February, and March. You can also define custom period rollups, such as a 13-month reporting period.

You can add siblings and children to periods. A sibling is a member at the same level, such as January and February. A child is a member below a member in the period hierarchy; for example, January is a child member of Q1.

You assign calendar dates to periods when you create schedules.

You can add, edit, reorder, and delete periods.

  To define periods:

  1. Select Manage, and then Periods.

  2. Add or remove siblings or child members:

    • To add a sibling, click Add Sibling, name the member, and then click Submit.

    • To add a child, click Add Child, name the member, and then click Submit.

    • To edit a period, select it, click Edit, rename it, and then click Submit.

    • To reorder a period, select it, and then click Move Up or Move Down.

    • To delete a period, select it, and then click Delete.