Deleting Teams and Removing Members

There is a difference between the deletion logic for teams being used in template versus schedule tasks:

  • If a team has been assigned to a task(s) in a template, then it cannot be deleted. To delete the team, first remove it from all tasks to which it is assigned.

  • If teams are used in schedule tasks, then the deletion is allowed but it is a logical deletion. For example, the schedule task can still see the team even though no new tasks can use the team.

  To delete teams or members:

  1. In Tax Operations, click Manage, and then Teams.

  2. To delete teams, select a team, click Delete, and then at the warning, click Yes.

  3. To remove members, double click a team name, and on the Edit Team dialog box, select a member and then click Remove.

  4. Click OK.

  5. On Manage Teams, click Close.