You can use filters to define and view a subset of tasks to which you have security access. You can filter on various attributes such as Task Type, Active, Assignee, Priority, Owner, Approver, and Status.

A number next to each attribute indicates the number of tasks associated with that attribute. For example, if 10 tasks have a Completed status, the Completed attribute in the Status category shows (10). For attributes with a large number of values, the system displays the top ten items sorted in descending order, and displays a “+ more” link that you can click to view more items. Custom attributes that you created are also displayed and selectable.

When you select values of one attribute, the possible choices of other attributes may change depending on the data. For example, suppose you select Status and Owner attributes. If you filter the Status attribute to show only the Pending tasks, the Owner attribute displays only owners of Pending tasks.


You can only filter on attributes that have the Display option enabled. You cannot filter on dynamic fields, for example, numbers.