Importing Holiday Dates

You can import dates into a holiday rule.

  To import holiday dates:

  1. In your application, select Manage, and then System Settings. In System Settings, select Holiday Rules.

  2. Create or select a holiday rule.

  3. On the bottom section of Holiday Rules, select Actions, and then Import Import button.

    • Enter the file name, or click Browse to navigate to the CSV import file.

      Example of a holiday date import format:

      "Jan 1, 2014","New Years Day"
      "May 26, 2014","Memorial Day"
    • For Import Type, click one:

      • Replace—Replaces the holiday dates with the holiday dates in the file that you are importing. Does not affect other units that are not specified in the import file.

      • Replace All—Imports a new set of holiday dates that replaces the existing holiday dates. Use this option to replace a unit in one system with an updated definition from another system. Holiday dates that are not specified in the import file are deleted.

  4. Click Import.