Importing Integration Types

The predefined Integration Types for Oracle products must be imported from XML files before you can access them. During the import process, you can automatically create Task Types for the integration types.

  To import an Integration Type:

  1. Select Manage, then Integration Types.

  2. Click Import.

  3. Enter a file name, or click Browse to browse for the file to import, and click Next..

  4. If the integration XML file (specified in step 3), contains an application, then this page displays the application details contained in the XML. Edit the following:

    • Application Name

    • Request Security Policy

    • Response Security Policy

    • Keystore Recipient Alias

    • Registry web Application Entry

    • Registry web service Entry

    Enter the following application token information:





  5. Select the Integration Types for which you want Task types to be automatically created, and click Next

    The Results screen displays the number of Integration Types imported.

  6. Click Close.