Starting the Application


The Shared Services server, the EPM Workspace server, and the product server must all be running before you launch the application.

See the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Guide.

To access your product, first log on to EPM Workspace and launch your program.

  To start your program:

  1. Enter the URL.

    The URL is the web server host name, web server port, and workspace.

    By default, the Workspace URL is http://SERVER_NAME:PORT/workspace/.

  2. In the EPM Workspace logon dialog box, enter the system user name and password and click Log On.

    If an error message indicates that the system can't authenticate a user, verify these conditions:

    • The user is provisioned for the application. If not, use Shared Services to provision the user.

    • The user token or session is not timed out. If it has timed out, log off, and then log on to start a session.

    • The web server is configured and running. If there is a problem with the web server, contact the system administrator.

  3. Select Navigate, Applications, YOUR APPLICATION.