You can enable tasks to include integrations with external applications. An Integration Type is a definition of an end point provided by an external application. Integration Types define end-use, system-automated tasks, and event monitoring integration.

From the Manage Integration Types dialog box, you can view, create, edit, validate, delete, import, and export Integration Types. You can maintain a list of applications associated with the Integration Type. Integration Types must be assigned an application.

An Integration Type requires an execution URL for user tasks or an execution web service for system-automated tasks, and an optional set of parameters. The execution URL launches the external program, and the parameters pass information required for the task to the external program. For example, the Consolidate Integration Type contains parameters such as the Point of View dimension values to run the consolidation. Each Consolidate task is derived from this Consolidate Integration Type with the same set of parameters.

Integration Types are provided on the Oracle Support website for download, and you can then import them into your application. Experienced consultants can also create custom Integration Types for other Oracle and non-Oracle products through the UI or with imported XML files.

To manage Integration Types, you must have the Close Administrator role.