Adding Organizational Units

  To add an organization:

  1. In your application, select Manage, and then System Settings. In System Settings, select Organizational Units.

  2. Click Actions, and then Add.

  3. On the Properties tab, enter:

    • Name

      Administrators can change the name, and it need not be unique.

    • Organizational Unit ID

      A unique ID used to identify the transaction for Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Lifecycle Management purposes. Organizational Unit ID cannot be changed after an organizational unit is set.

    • Optional: Description

    • Time Zone

      Determines which time zone applies to the organizational unit. Selection of a time zone is optional. If selected, if a time zone is not selected, the task time zone will revert to the user’s time zone. For information on supported time zones and import file format, see Supported Time Zones in Organization Units.

    • Holiday Rule

      Determines which list of holidays applies to the organizational unit. Selection of a Holiday Rule is optional. See Managing Holiday Rules for Tax Operations.

    • Parent Organizational Unit

      Enables Administrators to change the hierarchy.

    • Work Days

      Determines which days of the week are work days.

  4. The Access tab enables Administrators to assign viewer and commentator access in a centralized location, rather than having to assign it to each task.

    To select a user:

    1. Select Actions, and then Add.

    2. In Select Viewers, enter the First Name and Last Name, or click Select Users..

    3. In Search Results, select the Users, Groups, or Teams and add them to the Available column.