Importing Organizational Units


If you are using multiple modules in Oracle Hyperion Tax Governance, then you must run separate import processes to import the module specific properties of the organizational unit.

  To import organizational units:

  1. In your application, select Manage, and then System Settings. In System Settings, select Organizational Units.

  2. Select Actions, and then Import Import button.

    • Enter the file name or click Browse to navigate to the CSV import file.

      Sample Organizational import format:


      This Tax Operations import organizational unit example requires a pre-existing parent org unit named `Americas', a holiday rule named `US', and a viewer named fm_user5. Create these or edit the file accordingly to use other objects.

      "OrganizationalUnitID","Name","ParentOrganization","Description","TimeZone","H olidayRule","Calendar","Workdays","Viewer1","Commentator1" "US2","US2","Americas","Import Organization US2 Example","ET (UTC-05:00)","US","",2-3-5,"fm_user5",""

    • For Import Type, click one:

      • Replace—Replaces the Organizational Unit detail with the Organizational Unit that is in the file that you are importing. It does not affect other units that are not specified in the import file.

      • Replace All—Imports a new set of Organizational Units that replaces the existing Units. This option is useful when you want to replace a unit in one system with an updated definition from another system. Organizational Units that are not specified in the import file are deleted.

  3. Click Import.