Adding Instructions to Schedules

You can specify instructions and supporting documents for a schedule, which are then inherited by all tasks in the schedule.

  To add instructions to a schedule:

  1. Select Manage then Schedules.

  2. Select a schedule to which to add instructions.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. In Instructions, enter instructions for the schedule.

  5. To add a reference:

    1. In the References section, Click Add.

    2. From the Type list, select one of these types:

      • Local File

        Enter a name, click Browse to select and attach the file, and click OK.

      • URL

        Enter a URL name, then enter the URL, for example: Oracle,, and click OK.

      • Optional: Repository File

        From the file list, select the file, and click OK.


        The Repository File option is only displayed if the product is configured with Oracle Enterprise Content Management.

  6. To save and close, click OK or click the Viewers tab; all entries are saved.

    See Assigning Schedule Viewers.