Setting Schedule Properties

The Properties tab enables you to set the name, description, start and end dates, and owners for schedules. The schedule owner must be an Administrator or Power User. The default owner is the current user. The start and end dates specify the initial date range for the schedule, however, after the schedule is created, you can add tasks with dates earlier or later and the properties are updated to reflect the earliest and latest dates.

  To set schedule properties:

  1. Create a new schedule and select the Properties tab:

    • Name

    • Description

    • Organizational Unit

    • Start Date

      Starting date for the schedule

    • End Date

      Ending date for the schedule

    • Year

    • Period

    • Day Zero Date

      The date to assign as day zero.

    • For Owner, use the default owner or click Select Owner Select User button . Administrators, Power Users, or Teams/Groups configured with the Administrator or Power User roles are the only roles that will display when the user clicks Search to select a user to assign as an Owner. Any member of the Shared Services group can perform the role, but the same person cannot perform more than one role.

    • Status


      The schedule status is initially set to Pending and is display only.

    • Template Name

  2. To save and close, click OK or click the Instructions tab; all entries are saved.

    See Adding Instructions to Schedules.