Assigning Security Roles

Access is dependent on user security roles and the privileges given to the role.

Security Role


Tax Administrator

  • All Power User privileges

  • Full access to all tasks, templates and schedules

  • Define years and periods

  • Create and manage Task Types, Integration Types, Custom Attributes, and Alert Types

Tax Power User

  • All Close User privileges

  • Create and import tasks

  • Create and manage templates and schedules

  • Create task types and view tasks types created by others

Tax User

  • Schedule Viewer

  • Task Owner

  • Access to Dashboard, limited by access level

  • Modify status, create and modify alerts, comments, and questions, limited by access level

  • Create and manage filters

Tax Report Designer

  • Access to Manage Reports

  • Access to Generate Reports

You assign security roles in Oracle Hyperion Shared Services Console, which displays a list of users, groups, or teams from the external authentication provider. You can assign security roles to groups or individuals.

  To assign security roles:

  1. From EPM Workspace, select Navigate, then Administer, and then Shared Services Console to access Shared Services.

  2. Expand the User Directories folder, and then expand the directory where the users reside.

  3. Perform one of these actions:

    • To assign security roles to a user, select Users.

    • To assign security roles to a group, select Group.

  4. Search for and select a user or group.

  5. Provision the user using one method:

    • Right-click and select Provision.

    • Select Administration, and then Provision.

    • Click Provision.

  6. From Available Roles, expand and select your application.

  7. Select a role, click the arrow button to add the role to the user, and then click Save.

  8. Review the summary report, and then click OK.