Creating Report Groups

Creating report groups is the third step in generating reports:

  1. Create a query. See Managing Queries.

  2. Create a template. See Creating Report Templates.

  3. Set up a report group.

  4. Set up the report definition. See Managing Report Definitions.

  5. Generate the report. See Generating Reports.

  To create report groups:

  1. In your application, select Manage, and then Reports.

  2. Select Report Groups, then Actions, and then New.

  3. In New Report Group, enter:

    • Name

      Enter a group name for the group of reports.

    • Description

    • Display to User

      Select Display to User if you want this report group displayed to the user.

      Display to User enables report writers to have a group of reports hidden while they are working on them.

  4. On the Reports tab, if available, select the reports for the Report Group.

  5. Click OK.