Generating Reports

Process for generating reports:

  1. Create a query. See Managing Queries.

  2. Create a template. See Creating Report Templates.

  3. Set up a report group. See Managing Report Groups.

  4. Set up the report definition. See Managing Report Definitions.

  5. Generate the report.

  To generate reports:

  1. In your application, select Tools, and then Generate Reports.

  2. In Report Group, select the report group name. See Creating Report Groups.

  3. Select the reports in the Report Group, for Format, select PDF, HTML, or XLS.


    HTML and XLS are not supported for graphs and charts.

  4. Click Generate.

  5. For each parameter, select the value.

  6. In Generate Report, enter a report name.

  7. Click Generate.

  8. Select Open or Save File to save the ZIP file.