Generating Predefined Reports

For Tax Operations, you can start with predefined reports and change them for your reporting needs.

  To import predefined reports:

  1. From EPM Workspace, select Navigate, then Administer, and then Shared Services Console to access Shared Services.

  2. Navigate to File System, and then your application reports.

  3. By default, all reports are selected. To select a partial list, click Clear Selections to clear all the reports, and then select the reports that you want to import.

    See Tax Operations Predefined Reports

  4. Click Import, and then click OK.

  5. To generate the reports:

    1. In your application, select Tools, and then Generate Reports.

    2. In Report Group, select the report group name. See Creating Report Groups.

    3. Select the reports in the Report Group, and then click Generate.

    4. For each parameter, select the value.

    5. In Generate Report, enter a report name.

    6. Click Generate.

    7. Click Open or Save File to save the ZIP file.