Creating Filters

  To create filters:

  1. On the Filter panel, click Manage Filters Manage Filters button.

  2. Click New.

  3. Enter:

    • Name

    • Description

    • Type—Select one type

    • Public

      Select if anyone can view this filter.

    • Filter Definition

      A group of conditions that limit the list.

    • Condition

      You can define the properties of a condition or group:

      • Conjunction

        Select And or Or. These state how this condition or group relate to prior sibling conditions or groups. This field is enabled only if the selected node is not the first child of its parent node.

      • Attribute—An attribute is a field or value that a condition will be comparing to a value for inclusion in the result set of a filter. However, for the case of a filter, an attribute denotes more than the list of user-defined attributes.

      • Operand—States what kind of evaluation to perform against the attribute.

      • Value—Specifies what values to compare the attribute against. The type of attribute determines what input field is available.