BI Dashboard View

You can focus on key statistics and record sets by configuring dashboard portlets. You can see up to four portlets at once, or you can maximize one portlet for full-screen viewing.

Dashboard Portlet types:

  • Data Set

    Contains the details of the selected data set, making it easy to view and filter the information of Data Set transactional dashboard.

  • My Worklist

    Contains the list of forms, depending on the user's access and status for each form, for the user for the selected period. Typical users can use My Worklist to see form instances that need attention.

    The My Worklist summary list is displayed in the Tax Supplemental Schedules left panel. Click on a form to open it.

  • Status Chart

    Uses a pie chart to indicate the status of the forms, showing the percentage and the number of forms that are Pending, Open with Preparer, Open with Approver, Open with Integrator, or Closed. The Administrator or Power User sees the summary status for all forms for all users in the system for the selected period. The Analyst sees only the relevant form information.

  • Workflow

    The Workflow portlet contains all the form instances that a user has access, the preparer and approver information, and the status of the from.