Adding or Editing Attributes From a Dimension

  To add data set attributes from dimensions:

  1. In your application, select Manage, and then Data Sets.

  2. Select a data set, then click Actions, and then New or Edit.

  3. On the Attributes tab, every attribute has a key identifier and an assign workflow:

    • Key Identifier

      In the Name, a Key Identifier Data Set Attribute key identifier labels an attribute as the unique key for the data set table. Generally, the unique key is a single attribute; however, the application supports multiple-attributes as unique key.

    • Assign Workflow

      The check box option to “assign workflow” to Entity.

  4. Click New, and then Add Attributes from Dimensions.

  5. Select a Dimension.

  6. Select attributes from the Available Attributes list and Move them to the Selected Attribute list.


    The system includes the key attribute of the dimension as a Selected Attribute. You cannot clear the key attribute.

  7. Click OK.