Creating Data Sets

A new data set always contains the entity attribute and is always displayed to show that you can assign this entity to a workflow.


The Entity key identifier and Assign Workflow options are selected by default.

  To create data sets:

  1. In your application, select Manage, and then Data Sets.

  2. Select Actions, and then New.

  3. On the Properties tab, enter the data set information:

    • Name

      Enter a unique name.

    • Description

  4. Attributes tab:

    Key Identifier

    If no data exists for this data set, you can modify the Key Identifier and attributes of the data set.


    The Key Identifier and Assign Workflow check box option for Entity is selected by default. As you add attributes, you can select one or more as the Key Identifier.

    Assign Workflow

    Only attributes with Key Identifier ON can be assigned workflow. Assign workflow ON means that you want to select members from this dimension to assign workflow to each preparer. To assign workflow, the attribute must be a dimension, because you assign a workflow from a predefined list.


    Enables you to specify the totaling method for the Attribute:

    • Sum: Additive total

    • Average: The average of the rows with data. Rows without data are not counted in the denominator

    • Count: The count of the rows with data

    • None: No total is calculated

    To add attributes, click Actions, and then:

  5. The History tab logs the data sets.

  6. Click Save, Save and Close, or Close.