Changing the Data Collection Period Status

The following are the available statuses for a Data Collection Period (Year/Period/Scenario combination):



Pending Data Collection Period status

Periods are initially set with a status of Pending. When a period is “Pending,” the data collection process cannot start for the period. The Administrator and Power User can continue to create dimensions, data sets, and form templates for the system.

If the status of a period is anything other than Pending, then all date fields of that record are locked.


Open Data Collection Period status

Allows work to begin on data collections after the data collections start date is reached. After a period is opened, you can't reset it to Pending. The form instances generated in the “Deploy Data Set” process are inactive until the period is opened.


Closed Data Collection Period status

After the period is finished, you can't add data collections to the period. However, you can continue to work on data collections and import updated data.


Locked Data Collection Period status

After work has concluded, periods can be locked, which prohibits changes to the data collection. Users cannot add data collections to the period, modify data collections, or import data.

Re-Open Re-open Data Collection Period status.

A data collection period can be reopened to allow new or updated form instances to be generated.

  To change the status of Data Collection Periods:

  1. Select Manage, and then Data Collection Period.

  2. Select a Year and Scenario.

  3. Select a period, and edit, if necessary, the Start Date, End Date, and Close Date.

  4. Click Actions, and then select Open Period, Close Period, or Lock Period.

  5. Click Save, Save and Close, or Close.