Deploying a Form Template to a Data Collection Period

  To deploy a form template to a data collection period:

  1. In your application, select Manage, and then Form Template.

  2. Click Deploy Deploy button.

    The Deploy Form Template displays Pending Period and Open Period Data Collection Periods to choose from.

  3. To select another data collection period:

    1. Click Search Search button..

    2. In Select Data Collection Period, select Year and Scenario.

    3. Click Search to refresh the periods.

    4. Select a period.

    5. Click OK.

  4. Select the form templates for that data collection period.

  5. Click Deploy.

    • If the form template already was deployed, a warning message says that all existing form instances and data for that form template will be removed and new form instances will be generated.

    • If additional Form Templates that are not part of the original selection must be deployed based on their data set relationships, Additional Form Templates is displayed. Click OK.

  6. After deployment is completed, a confirmation dialog box indicates the following information:

    • Form Templates Selected: Total number of checked Form Templates from the Deploy dialog box, plus those added from data set relationships.

    • Form Template and Period frequency do not match: Number of Form Templates that do not match the DCP frequency. If nonzero, then click View Details to display the form template missing the frequency.

    • Total Forms to deploy: Total number of forms specified on each of the form templates.

    • Errors: Total number of forms with errors. If non-zero, then click View Details to display the forms and the reason for the errors. No copying is done.