Filtering Views in Tax Supplemental Schedules

Filters allow users to control what records they see in list views and dashboards. You can apply filters against BI Dashboard, Data Set Dashboard, Workflow Dashboard, Dimensions, Data Sets, Integrations, including system and custom attributes. All users can save private filters for future use by the user who created it. Administrators and power users can also save public filters accessible by all users.

The filter panel provides two modes for building filters:

  • Basic—The basic filter mode exposes access to all filterable attributes and allows the user to provide values for the attributes they wish to filter on and the operand to use for filtering. Typical operands include: equal to, not equal to, starts with, ends with, contains, greater than, less than, etc. The list of operands available depends on the data type of the attribute. For example, operands for filtering text values are different than the operands for filtering numeric values. Filters configured in basic mode are combined together using “and” logic, which means only those records that meet all filter criteria are displayed.

  • Advanced—The advanced filter mode enables configuration of more complex filters using “and” and “or” logic and grouping logic to determine the order in which filters are applied. Like the basic filter mode, the advanced filter exposes access to all filter attributes.