Setting Form Template Access

On the Access tab, you determine which users are authorized and what function they perform on the form:

  • The top panel shows the list of users with View access.

  • The bottom panel displays the entity's form data that the user has access to.

  To add access:

  1. In New Form or Edit Form, click the Access tab.

  2. Click New, or select a user and click Edit.

  3. In Viewers Access, select a User; for example: Administrator, Analyst, Approver, Integrator, or Preparer.

  4. In Entities, by default, all the form data for a specific entity is selected. You select or clear data individually using the check box next to each. Select or clear all by clicking the check box in the title area.

    Select a View Option:

    • Always—You can view the data anytime even if the data entry is not complete or has not been submitted for approval.

    • After Submission—You can view the data as soon as the preparer submits the data, even before it has been approved.

    • After Approval—YOu can't view the data until after all levels of approvals are granted.