Specifying Form Template Instructions

Administrators provide instructions on how to use the form. Instructions can include text, attached files, and links to files in document repositories.

  To specify form template instructions:

  1. In New Form Template or Edit Form Template, select the Instructions tab.

  2. In Instructions, enter instruction text.

  To add a reference to a file:

  1. In the References section, click Add Add icon.


    To delete a reference, select the reference, and then click Delete.

  2. Select a reference type:

    • Local File—Browse the local file system and select a file. You must specify a Name. Click OK to upload the file to the system and store it with the form template.

    • Repository File—If you configured your application with a document repository, you can browse the repository and select a file. Click OK to store the reference to the repository file with the form template. The file is not copied or stored within the application.

    • URL—Enter an external URL reference and give it a descriptive Name. Click OK to store the URL in the application.

  3. Click Save, Save and Close, or Close.