Specifying Form Template Questions

Questions are automatically grouped with roles. Within a role, the individual questions are ordered. The Order indicates the question’s order within the role.

  To create questions:

  1. In New Form or Edit Form, click the Questions tab.

  2. Click New or Edit.

  3. Enter the following:

    • Question

      Enter a question that prompts the user of the form's response.

    • Data Type

      Select a question type:

      • Date

      • Date and Time

      • List

        Click Add and enter values for the attribute.

      • Integer

      • Number

        If you select Number, select formatting options:

        • For Decimal Places, enter the number of decimal places to display. The default value is defined in System Preferences.

        • Select Thousands Separator to display a thousands separator (for example, 1,000.00). The system displays the thousands separator symbol for the user locale.

        • From Currency, select the currency, for example, (INR)

          If no currency is selected, the amount is not translated.

        • From Negative Number, select how to display negative numbers; for example, (123).

      • Text (255 characters maximum)

      • True or False

      • Yes or No

    • Role—The question is for: Preparer, Approver, or Integrator. For example, a question with the role of Preparer may only be answered by Preparers. It will, however, be visible to all other roles.

    • Required—Determines whether the question is mandatory or optional.

  4. Click Save, Save and Close, or Close.

  To delete questions:

  1. In New Form or Edit Form, select the Questions tab.

  2. Select a question and click Delete.