Form Template Sections: Group By Tab

  To update the Group By tab:

  1. In New Form Template or Edit Form Template, select the Section tab.

  2. Click New, or select a section and click Edit.

  3. In the Edit Form Template Section, click the Group By tab.

  4. Click the Columns, and then select or view the following columns:

    • Include

      Select other columns to be included in the Group By.

    • Group By

      Data in the main table should be grouped by the selected columns.

    • Name

      The name of the Data Set

    • Dimension

      The column from an attribute of a specific dimension (read-only).

    • Data Type

      The corresponding data type for the column (read-only).

    • Total

      Total method for the attribute as specified in the Data Set (read-only).

  5. Total Row:

    Indicates how the total row should be displayed:

    • Top: Total row is displayed at the top of the table

    • Bottom: Total row is displayed at the bottom of the table

    • None: Total row is not displayed

  6. Enter information on the following tabs:

  7. To save your updates and go back to the Form Template Sections tab, click OK.