Form Template Sections: Mapping Tab

If you want to post a total amount for each entity to the consolidation application in Financial Management, define the Financial Management mapping needed for the posting process.


It is advised to clear the browser cache and re-login before creating or editing mapping.

  To update the Mapping tab:

  1. In New Form Template or Edit Form Template, select the Sections tab.

  2. Click New, or select a section and click Edit. The Edit Form Template Section is displayed.

  3. Click the Mapping tab.

  4. Select the Connection to Financial Management.

    The Source column defaults to the Tax Supplemental Schedules column that was selected when the assign mapping menu was chosen. Change to a different source Tax Supplemental Schedules column if needed.

  5. Click the Member Selector member selector to select a Point of View.


    If you want the source entity in SDM to map to the HFM, you do not want to select a specific entity in the dimension. Therefore you need a way to specify a “keyword” to indicate that the value of HFM is the same as the value from the SDM column entry. To specify dynamic entry, the system uses the “@” symbol before the <SDM column name>. In the member selection box, there is a check box option for you to select “use column name” and select a SDM column name that is part of the form. This column name must be one of the GROUP BY column.

  6. In HFM Mapping, replace @Missing with the HFM POV.

  7. Enter information on the following tabs:

  8. To save your updates and go back to the Form Template Sections tab, click OK.