Entering Data into Forms

How to enter data:

  • Input it manually

  • Import it from a file

  • Enter it using Excel

Data is stored in its base format with as much detail as was input. For example, if you enter $123,456.789 in a currency field formatted with two decimal digits and no thousands separator, the number is stored as 123456.789 but redisplayed as $123456.79.

The data entry tab displays the actual form columns and rows in data entry mode. You can select the entry in the point of view bar for data entry. If multiple data entry sections are defined on the form template, a corresponding data entry tab is displayed for each section.

Preparers enter data, and Approvers or Integrators review the data.

  To use the data entry tabs:

  1. In your application, in the user's BI Dashboard, under the My Worklist portlet, click a form. See BI Dashboard View.

  2. Actions in the upper right contains the actions available for each of the following users:

    • Preparer: Submit, Save, Reset


      The Preparer clicks Reset to discard what was entered and reset it to the last time that the data was saved.

    • Approver: Approve, Reject, Save, Reset

      The Save and Reset options apply to comments and answers.

    • Integrator: Reject, Post, Save, Reset

      The Save and Reset options apply to comments and answers.

      After a form is posted, the integrator has only read access to the form data. The status of the form instance is “Closed”; only the Administrator can reopen the form instance for changes.

  3. The Summary section Actions menus:

    • print button Print—Print the contents of the table. The table is displayed in an HTML window.

    • refresh button

      Refresh—Refresh the data.