Viewing the Form Summary Tab

The Summary Tab of the form contains the Name, Description, Data collection period, Status, Start Date, End Date, Instructions, Questions, Comments, and Workflow information.

  To view the form summary tab:

  1. In your application, in the user's BI Dashboard, under My Worklist portlet, click a form. See BI Dashboard View.

  2. The POV (Year/Period/Scenario/Entity) and Data Collection Unit selection is displayed at the top of the window.

  3. The summary information for the form:

    • Name and Description—From the Form Template

    • Data Collection Period—Period that this form has been deployed to

    • Status—Current detailed status

    • Start Date—Starting date for data collection

    • End Date—Final date for submission, approval, or posting (whichever is latest)

  4. Enter the data directly or export the form to Oracle Smart View for Office for data entry. See Oracle Smart View for Office User's Guide.

  5. The Actions list contains the actions available for each of the following users:

    • Preparer: Submit, Save, Reset


      The Preparer clicks Reset to discard what was entered and reset it to the last time that the data was saved.

    • Approver: Approve, Reject, Save, Reset

      The Save and Reset options apply to comments and answers.

    • Integrator: Reject, Post, Save, Reset

      The Save and Reset options apply to comments and answers.

      After a form is posted, the integrator has only read access to the form data. The status of the form instance is “Closed”; only the Administrator can reopen the form instance for changes.

  6. The Instructions section is a read only area.

  7. To add Comments:

    1. Expand Comments.

    2. Select Actions, and then New.

    3. In the Comment box, enter a comment.

    4. Optional: To add a reference to an external document or a web page to the comment:

      1. In References, select Actions, then Add.

      2. Select a Reference Type:

        • Local File—Browse to the local file, and enter a Reference Name.

        • Repository File—Click OK.

        • URL—Enter a URL and a Reference Name.

  8. The Workflow section lists the Role, User, Status, Due Date and Completion Date of the Form.