Working with the BI Dashboard Portlets

You can select to view one to four portlets: My Worklist, Status Chart, Data Set Portlet, Workflow Portlet.

  To select a BI Dashboard portlet:

  1. Select View, and then select BI Dashboard BI Dashboard.

  2. On an empty space, right-click and select a portlet.

  3. For My Worklist and Workflow, Status Chart, to view or hide column attributes, click View and select the attributes. To open the Attribute Selection dialog where you can select and move the attributes order, click Show More...

  4. Change the portlet state:

    • Minimize, Maximize, Close minimize, maximize, close buttons are on the upper right corner of each portlet.

      • Minimize—Click Minimize. Minimized portlets are represented by buttons in the minimized area.

      • Maximize—Click Maximize. Maximized portlets are expanded to fill the portlet region and all other portlets are minimized, represented by buttons in the minimized area.

      • Close—Click Close.

    • Restore—Right-click on the buttons in the minimized area, and then select Restore to resize to the portlet.

    • Move—Drag a portlet to another portlet area. The portlets are swapped.

    • Refresh—Right-click and select Refresh to update the portlet data.