Creating a Tax Application


You install and configure Tax Provision using the EPM Configurator. See the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Guide.

  To create a tax application:

  1. From EPM Workspace, select Navigate, then Administer, and then Consolidation Administration.

  2. Click Create, or select Actions, and then Create.

  3. From the Server list, select the application server cluster on which to run the new application.

  4. For Name, enter a name for the application.

  5. For Description, enter a description for the application.

  6. Click Browse next to the Profile text box, and locate the application profile to use.

  7. From the User Management Project list, select the Shared Services project to which to add the application.

  8. For Application Type, select Tax Provisioning.

  9. Click Create.

After you create an application, it is available from the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Workspace.

  To access applications:

  1. From EPM Workspace, select Navigate, and then Applications.

  2. Select Tax Management, then Tax Provisioning, and select an application.